How to Ensure Your Furniture will Fit

Once you have decided on a style and size for your custom furniture, it is important to ensure it can easily get through all the doorways, up stairways and around halls. Plan how we will be getting the furniture into your space by measuring height and width of all the doorways, both inside and out. Make sure there are no obstacles like fixtures or handrails that limit clearance. Planning ahead, we can always custom design your new wood furniture with delivery in mind.

What are floating shelves

Keeping Your Live Edge Table Clean

My first piece of advise to anyone that owns a live edge table is to never put any hot or wet items on the table for a prolonged period of time as it will leave a ring stain.  Once that happens, you will never be able to get the stain out without refinishing the top.  I suggest you wipe spills up immediately with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.  Occasionally, I like to use Howard Feed-N-Wax wood polish & Conditioner (Home Depot) or a lemon oil to bring out the natural beauty of the live edge wood.  Each Live Edge wood table that we create is a one of a kind custom table. We use many types wood, and some of our favorites are Apple, Walnut, East Indian Rosewood, Ambrosia Maple and Oak.  But as for the finish on your live edge table, we always use a satin finish as oppose to something very shiny.  This allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through and show it’s real character.


White is all the rage these days and it can add beauty to any room in your home.   Make sure the master craftsman you use to fabricate your unit is well versed in applying the smooth finish in order to get that lacquered effect.  If using white, make sure you get a sample of the paint color because you might think white is white but there are actually quite a lot of variations.  Also, make sure to communicate where the “holes” will go in the unit for installation of such things as a TV, plugs and outlets.  A custom designed media center, wall unit or entertainment center can add beauty to any room and can be finished with paint, a stain or left natural wood.

Contemporary Built-In

Contemporary Built-In