Press Release:
Custom Built Dollhouses

Natural Woodworks is excited to announce our new sister website Custom Built Dollhouses.

We decided to create a complete website dedicated to just our custom built dollhouse so our customers and our prospective customers can acquire all the information and updates regarding this quickly expanding portion of our business.


Adults and children alike love playing with this modern doll house. It is the perfect home for all your dolls to come to life in each room of the house! Made from high-quality wood material, your doll house will fit an 18” doll with all the furniture and decor you would find in a real home. Natural Woodworks will help you design your doll house complete with multiple rooms, storage drawers, shingled roof, attic and anything else you can imagine. Let your imagination run wild as we work together to custom build your new doll house!

All doll houses are custom built by our professional craftsman to your specifications. We take pride in our work so you are 100{7ebad67e3522739c41336c170a5c30c038ed20e89f79d11599220d79a6b10bc9} satisfied. Please allow up to 4 weeks from request to delivery. Call 443-534-9591 or email us with your request today!